A national collegiate sales competition showcasing the talents of "hot" Sales and Marketing students

UW-Eau Claire Center for Sales & Sales Management
UW-Eau Claire College of Business
UW-Eau Claire


Sell yourself as the best candidate for a specific company’s internship or full-time position.


Eligibility: The showdown is for registered alternates. You must be registered by Wednesday, September 26.

Time: 90 seconds

Appointments: Between Oct 1 and Oct 12 participants may register for an appointment with sponsors. More information on this will be sent to registered alternates and their coaches.

Sales calls: Held between 8:30 and 11:00 on Friday at the Career Fair

In-person contact: Each sponsor will have a designated interview identified by a ribbon on their name tag at their career fair table.

Appointment efficiency 0-10

Introduction (full name, year, and school) 0-10

Company knowledge – delivered a minimum of 2 personalized benefits or aspects about your company 0-10

Delivery: Pace 0-10, Enthusiasm 1-10, Tone 1-10

Unique advantage(s) of candidate 0-20

Close (ask for next steps) 0-10

Timing 0-10; (-5 if they go over 90 seconds)

In the event of a tie score, the winner(s) will be determined by a random draw.

Top Person: Rayban Smart Glasses

Runner Up: Yeti commuter backpack