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igus Inc.

igus® Inc. is a global leading manufacturer in the field of energy chain systems and polymer bearing technology. The mission of igus® Inc. is to provide customers with engineered plastic components that are built for long service life and are low in cost. igus® Inc. manages all of North America, and is a subsidiary of igus® GmBH, our German headquarters.

  • Gunter Blase founded igus® in 1964 in a double garage in Cologne, Germany
  • igus® tests between 1,500 and 2,500 new products every year
  • igus® has 3,180 employees
  • igus® locations are in 35 countries with partners in another 80 countries
  • We provide hands-on product and sales training, beginning with classroom sessions followed by active exercises
  • igus® products are in about every industry there is, from vending machinery to aviation
  • 75% of igus® products are developed to solve customer-facing predicaments
  • The igus® headquarters has the biggest test laboratory in the entire motion plastics industry
  • igus® provides worldwide deliveries the same day, quotes submitted within a matter of hours, and visits the very next day

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