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Entry Level Sales-Logistics Carrier Sales Rep
Entry Level Sales-Logistics Client Sales Rep


Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Scottsdale, AZ, Nashville, TN, Detroit, MI, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Long Beach, CA

Echo Global Logistics

Echo is leading the industry in technology-enabled transport. Our web-based technology platform is our secret weapon. We compile and analyze data from our nation-wide network of transportation providers to serve our clients' shipping and logistics needs, utilizing innovative software that we developed. Echo’s diverse client-base includes industries like manufacturing, retail, construction, and consumer products just to name a few.

Where else can you promote progress from your desk? Our teams are empowered to innovate and implement positive change. We trust our talent to find new solutions, and to bring their creativity to the table every day at Echo. Echo is a growing company, and everyone who works here is contributing to the development of who we are today, and who we will be in the future. What does that actually look like? A “let’s try it” attitude. Taking intelligent risks. Seeing opportunities, rather than obstacles. We look for reasons new ideas will work, rather than reasons they won’t. We know that complacency is the fastest way to become irrelevant, so we are constantly implementing new ways to revolutionize the way we serve.

We hire outgoing, energetic and self-motivated new grads and experienced sales professionals to join our growing sales teams in all office locations—Chicago, Detroit, Scottsdale, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Long Beach and Nashville. The ideal candidate will have the competencies typical of successful sales professionals, and a certain swagger that is characteristic of our top performers. We believe that good things come to those who hustle—though you won’t catch us hanging around any pool halls. We know that the journey from average to extraordinary starts with work ethic. Echo team members reap the rewards of their endurance, and take pride in going the extra mile for their clients and coworkers. Our teams work both harder and smarter to deliver increasingly efficient and always available results. Our hustle is on call 24/7, because we know that providing excellent service isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

Beyond comprehensive, across-the-board sales training, you will work in vibrant and fast-paced sales-focused environment where every day offers a different challenge. The logistics industry can be a bit crazy at times, but our teams know that is part of the fun. Instead happy hours spent sharing horror stories of your corporate-cubicle hell, you’ll be the one cracking up your co-workers with funny stories of how you saved your client’s day—and you’ll be able to pick up the tab. As a logistics sales rep, you will have immediate impact on the success of our company and be a key member of our powerful growth strategy.